A network of multiplayer game servers.


Server Players Map IP Links
★[AIM]★ n/a n/a
★[AWP]★ n/a n/a
★[5vs5]★ n/a n/a
★[1vs1]★ n/a n/a
★[DM]★ n/a n/a
★[TS3]★ 5/32 ts3.acekill.pl

Our Apps

Team 1

On our forum you can contact to us, give us some suggestions about servers or apply for admin position!

Team 2

On the stats you can check various stats from all the servers there!

Team 3

Sourcebans let's us ban and block players to make your experience EVEN MORE enjoyable

About us

Why AceKill.pl?

We are part of the acenet.pl project. AceKill.pl is a network of multiplayer servers in various games which target is to bring you entertainment every day. We try to improve and be better all the time by (among others) making our www, CS:GO and ts3 servers better! We put everything to the last button so that you can take full advantage of our forum and servers. We do it all for you!